Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello world!

It's taken me forever to get started but so glad I'm finally doing it! One of my goals this year is achieving peace and I'm trying this experiment of journaling my thoughts to see if this brings me clarity leading to emotional acceptance and closure. I feel like my brain never shuts down - it's either thinking about past events or contemplating the future. Some days, all I want it to do is slow down, smell the roses and enjoy the true gift which is the 'present'. I expect this blog to be mostly reflective and serve as a reminder for things that I'm grateful for and care deeply about. I also want it to be a window into my life and thoughts for my daughter as she grows. Looking back at my life, I remember most of the events and actions that happened around them - but I'm clueless about the thought processes that were involved. Maybe writing down my thoughts will help me be emotionally aware and accept the decisions I make going forward. For some reason, this seems analogous to solving a math equation mentally vs. writing it down. The goal is not to overthink, but at least be aware of the rationale, avoid the stuck-at state and see how we eventually evolve through our experiences. Who knows, in a few years my daughter and I might read this blog and have a hearty laugh at what a dork I was :)